Zero Squared Special: A Reading in Defense of Zizek

May 27th, 2016 | By | Category: Articles, Zero Squared

zizekleftforumRight before I jetted off to NYC to attend the Left Forum I’d edited a conversation with C Derick Varn for this week’s podcast. Upon my return I see that I made a mistake and saved the wrong file. So that podcast will be put off for a bit. Instead this week’s podcast is merely a reading of a blog post reporting on the Left Forum and the Zizek controversy.

This is entitled “Standing with Slavoj Žižek and Against an Illness on the Left” and it’s dedicated to Vakhtang, a fellow traveler and Lacanian who I know on FB and met for the first time in NYC. Cheers, Vakhtang. Let’s not let the PC police get us down.

In this episode you’ll hear a clip from the Left Forum and a clip from Slavoj Zizek’s appearance on the podcast Comedy Bang Bang!

Update on 2/8/2016:
James Adomian recently tweeted that Zero had mistaken his impression of Zizek on Comedy, Bang, Bang! for a real Zizek appearance. We were not fooled, but included the clip because it was so hilarious. It was included as a prank.
That said, it is quite possible that Zizek is only doing an impression of Adomian. After all, Adomian's impression seems to us to be more Zizekian than Zizek himself. *sniff*

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2 Comments to “Zero Squared Special: A Reading in Defense of Zizek”

  1. Ed says:

    Ooh, your misreading of the comedy bang bang text is as misguided and off base as Zizek’s reading of Deleuze in Organs Without Bodies: utter conviction and certainty despite woeful misreading and lack of depth in the subject.

    Frankly, it is pretty embarrassing, almost as embarrassing as your statement on the dangers of a situation you don’t fully grasp. And speaking of not grasping things, that isn’t Zizek in the clip you played, that is the comedian James Adomian doing an imitation of Zizek on a comedy podcast. If the discourse is indiscernable it is both a testament to Mr. Adomian’s comedic talents and an unfortunate revelation of your own intellectual failings.

    • Douglas Lain says:

      We assumed that nobody would be fooled by the Comedy, Bang, Bang! clip. James Adomian’s impression was also irrestible. The fact that Adomian believes/believed we were taken in is another delightful result.

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