Zero Squared #79: Radical and/or Racial Politics?

Aug 11th, 2016 | By | Category: Articles, Zero Squared

zeropod79Glenn Loury is the guest this week as we discuss black anger, white victims of police violence, and the ins and outs of structural racism. Loury is a former conservative who became a man of the left in the 90s. He has a predisposition to go slow and a strong inclination to favor reform over radical change. He is also a good guest. A professor at Brown University, a onetime contender for Undersecretary of Education, the author of the book The Anatomy of Racial Inequality, and the host of the Glenn Show at, we were glad to have him back.

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In this episode you’ll hear about Functionalist Assumptions in Sociology, a clip from the 80s film Repo Man, Iggy Pop’s theme for Repo Man, an excerpt from a speech by Omali Yeshitela at an African People’s Solidarity Committee conference, an excerpt from the comedy sketch program Mr. Show, and the Wellness/Plaza Vaporwave Mix from the youtube star Akanein Tokio TV.

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  1. Was redirected here from your comment on the latest Bloggingheads YouTube – I did not know this existed! Looking forward to it. And I hope Peterson will speak with you, if not, there are hopefully plenty of upcoming non-Marxist Jungians who are nevertheless willing to give Marx his due, rather than dismiss all his ideas by association.

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