Zero Squared Podcast #23: Pop Grenade

Jun 17th, 2015 | By | Category: Articles, Zero Squared

zerosquared23Matthew Collin is the guest this week and we discuss his book Pop Grenade which came out from Zero Books in May. Collin has worked as a foreign correspondant for the BBC, a journalist for The Wall Street Journal, and as an editor at the website Time Out among many other places. He is a survivor of raves, an investigator of sounds, and the author of several other books including Altered State and The Time of the Rebels.

Dorian Lynskey, Author of 33 Revolutions per Minute, blurbed Pop Grenade as follows:

Matthew Collin has a reporter’s eye, a critic’s erudition and a fan’s passion. Whether embedded with ravers in Berlin and Bosnia or protesters in Istanbul and Moscow, he tells vivid and surprising stories about music’s capacity for resistance and change.

In this episode you’ll hear Brother Theodore, Martin Hielscher, The Infernal Noise Brigade, Lipps Incorporated, Terence McKenna, Deee-Light, Professor Paul Fry, Chuck Roberts' In the Beginning, and Altern-8's Armageddon.

Also in this episode a discussion of this letter from Noam Chomsky circa 1994.

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