Zero Squared #93: Shouting at Marxists

Dec 22nd, 2016 | By | Category: Articles, Zero Squared

mhishoutingThis week’s episode of Zero Squared features a conversation with Anne Jaclard from the Marxist Humanist Initiative and activist Ravi Bali. The Marxist Humanist Initiative have published a number of statements on the dangers of Donald Trump in their journal “With Sober Senses” and in this conversation I attempt to test their ideas and seek out inconsistencies. You’ll hear that this is a more contentious conversation than is the norm. The reason for that is simple: I respect these obscure Marxists, want them to win, and so I find it necessary to critique them ruthlessly.

That said you’ll find that the conversation ends rather suddenly. I’ve edited out a bit of the more contentious part of the conversation, a bit where I find myself suddenly changing the subject. Regular listeners of the podcast will miss that bit as I think I go off the rails, but I will include it in this week’s members only Inside Zero Books podcast.

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One Comment to “Zero Squared #93: Shouting at Marxists”

  1. Hasan says:

    I’ve enjoyed your stimulating videos, although I disagree with you on Houellebecq. I had read Jeffery’s book, too. Good books. Good discussion here, too. But, the editing of the podcast irritates me. It sounds unfair and manipulative. Only you are able to “add” supplementary audio material to the conversation. You are too much forcing people, so as to push yourself near to the point of illogicality or engage in just semantic linguistic games.

    You use innovative technical images and editing in audiovisual materials, but do not let this take precedence over substance, substantive arguments (which I have to argue on Houellebecq material, for instance). But I will definitely follow your work. Thanks for the podcast.

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