Zero Squared #90: From 4Chan to the White House?

Nov 23rd, 2016 | By | Category: Articles, Promotions, Zero Squared

rectenwaldAngela Nagle is a writer based in Ireland. Her work has appeared in the Irish Times, the Dublin Review of Books, and the Atlantic. Her article “The New Man of 4Chan” for the Baffler was the basis for a book coming out from Zero Books next year tentatively titled “Kill All Normies: The online culture wars from 4chan to Trump.” We discuss her book and research in this episode.

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Also featured in this episode is an email from a listener following last week's interview with Michael Rectenwald, some thoughts on transgender politics and intersectionality, an excerpt from Norman Mailer's film Maidstone, a quick definition of the word "cuck," and an instrumental version of the Trololo song.

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5 Comments to “Zero Squared #90: From 4Chan to the White House?”

  1. william says:

    Did you know that gaming and gaming culture had been around for decades before the internet and image boards (e.g. 4chan)? GamerGate is not just 4chan, and image boards are not a uniform entity. Did you know gaming has been a hobby for people outside of the USA and the UK for around five decades? GamerGate is absolutely not just a convenient footnote to the left vs. right culture war on the western political spectrum. Did you know that historically parents bought gaming consoles as a family entertainment system for both their sons and daughters to enjoy, and anyone saying otherwise is lying? GamerGate is not about maintaining some stupid boy’s club and pushing women out.

    Did you know that out of all the people that you associated with GamerGate only Sargon is a gamer? Neither Milo nor any of the Rebel media people are. (By the way I love, love, love how you deliberately neglected to mention Cathy Young’s opinion on GamerGate.) Did you know that the reason GamerGate is associated with the right-wing is because a right-leaning site granted people willing to speak or be associated with them to them a voice? Do you know how weird this is considering the poor opinion establishment conservatism has of gaming? Name just one liberal media outlet that has allowed GamerGate’s majority liberal supporters a chance to properly explain what GamerGate is about. Speaking of, do you know–like actually know, not the garbage lies you have read, spoken or printed–what GamerGate scandal/controversy is about? (Hint: if you definition does not include TFYC, wizardchan, censorship, and the “gamers are dead” articles then start over.)

    Did you know that the more and more you push the lie that about GamerGate being stuffed to the gills of right-wing extremists, the more you funnel them into it? Did you know that the regular liberals, the regular conservatives, the minorities of #NotYourShield (women, racial, LGBT, religious, ethnic, disabled, etc) have had to deal with their hateful shit because you keep telling them that they would be welcomed with open arms? (Thanks a lot assholes!) GamerGate is not a tiny bunch of straight, white, American misogynist trolls.

    I never thought that I could look upon a profession with more scorn than I do politicians and pimps. Journalism blows them out of the water. It revealed itself to be chock full of the most despicable, lazy, intellectually bankrupt, biased, and self-righteous people that I have had the displeasure of reading these past two years. You want to know why you are hated so by the majority of the public? When you make assertions about people and either back it up with cherry-picked narratives or utterly refuse to because of some unearned credibility complex, those people turn their backs on you. And you will continue to drive them away. Journalism is beyond being an embarrassment. It is becoming worthless record for untruths.

    • Douglas Lain says:

      There is no doubt that Milo and company have been opportunistic and that the “Gamers are Dead” articles were disastrous. These only helped to lend credence to far right types who wanted nothing more than a chance to speak of a Cultural Marxist conspiracy in the entertainment industry.

      • william says:

        GamerGate as a whole usually mocks the conspiracy theorists and “spaghetti spillers”. There is no obligation to listen to, read, or follow anyone (including Breitbart). Do not attempt to put extremists sniffing around GamerGate on solely Milo and company. This is mostly the fault of the awful reporting done on it by the press. If you want to pat yourself on the back, then take comfort in that the awful reporting by the press is what grew and continues to grow GamerGate. You all have written and said so much demonstrably false nonsense about the gaming and the gaming community, a lot of people from around the world keep realizing, “That is not true at all,” and come to take a look. All thanks to you. I also would like to express my sincere appreciation for when my free time is no longer consumed by this media-manufactured, mass hysteria that I now have a huge suggested list of games and manga to waste my time on, since journalism has proven itself to be such.

  2. Cathal says:

    There is no connection between Spencer and Breitbart ffs


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