Zero Squared #7: The Age of Nixon

Feb 18th, 2015 | By | Category: Articles, Zero Squared

ageofnixonpodcastCarl Freedman is the guest this week and we discuss his book The Age of Nixon which came out from Zero Books in 2012. The iconic Grand Master of science fiction Samuel R. Delany blurbed the book. He wrote: Nixon continues to fascinate us, and to haunt our dreams, even these many years after his death. Carl Freedman's compelling book takes the full measure of Nixon the man, Nixon the media image, Nixon the myth, and even Nixon the ideal type, the quintessential expression, and the most capacious representative of the political and economic system under which we continue to live today.

I should mention again there are two new Zero Books titles coming next month: Rebel Rebel by Chris O'Leary and No More Heroes by Carl Neville. Chris O'Leary's book Rebel Rebel is a big book on David Bowie, O'Leary runs a blog called Pushing Ahead of the Dame about David Bowie, and he'll be a guest on Zero Squared soon.

In this episode you'll be hearing the from Bill Murray, Steve Allen, David Frye, and former President Richard Nixon. You'll also hear the piano music of Richard Nixon, and a clip from Futurama. Plus Jo Ann Castle on the Lawrence Welk Show playing Piano Roll Blues as heard through the dialectic.

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