Zero Squared #5: Darwin and the Death of God

Feb 4th, 2015 | By | Category: Articles, Promotions, Zero Squared

zerosquared5James Morrow is the guest this week. Morrow is a novelist and literary science fiction writer whose most well known work is probably the novel Towing Jehovah and this week we discuss his newest book, out from St. Martin's Press, Galapagos Regained. Publisher's Weekly described this new novel as "a comic blend of Victorian science colliding with Christian faith as greedy folks enter the Percy Shelley Society’s “Great God Contest” to win a hefty cash prize." And in this episode we discuss atheism, humanism, Darwin as well as the death of God, Peter Rollins, Slavoj Zizek (of course), and the difference between symbolism and allegory.

In podcast news Jasun Horsley has set sail and taken his liminal corner into its own space and own feed. His new podcast is called the Liminal Criminal.

News from Zero Books includes the recent publication of three new titles: Horsley's "Seen and Not Seen," David Winter's "Infinite Fiction," and Phil Knight's "Strangled." Strangled is about the punk band The Stranglers. These three titles arrived on January 30th.

The music in this episode includes musical doodles from Dan Lett, a work in progress from Nik Walton, and the music from a 1970s Doctor Pepper advertisement. You'll hear Pete Rollins, a man from a question and answer segment at a Zizek lecture, the death of God theologian Thomas Altizer, Mikey from the Life Cereal advertisementand Negativland's first album Negativlandcirca 1980.

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