Zero Squared #43: Talking to Coffeen

Nov 5th, 2015 | By | Category: Articles, Zero Squared

zerosquared43Daniel Coffeen is a rhetor and a philosopher — if by philosopher you mean somebody who plays with concepts and ideas. He formally taught at UC Berkeley and the SF Art Institute but now spends his time writing and consulting. Coffeen is a frequent guest to the Zero Squared podcast.

In a recent blog post entitled The Technology of Making Sense Coffeen wrote:

Sense making is not a natural thing per se. It is constructed in the same way that Deleuze and Guattari suggest that desire is constructed. There are what they call fluxes — emergent flows — that are cut and distributed by machines. The act of making sense by categorizing or knowing something is just such a machine. It's a kind of technology that is taught in schools as just how we do things. Now, Bobby, can you put all the red blocks in the red bucket?

In this episode we discussed, among other things nominalism, Platonism, and philosophy in the academy. You'll also hear the voice of the youtube star Numberphile as well as well as Michael Levy performing A Hurrian Cult Song from Ancient Ugarit on the lyre.

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