Zero Squared #22: Worm in the Core

Jun 3rd, 2015 | By | Category: Articles, Zero Squared

zeropodcast22Sheldon Solomon is the guest this week. Solomon is the editor, along with Jeff Greenberg and Tom Pyszezynski, of the book The Worm at the Core: On the Role of Death in Life. Solomon is a professor of psychology at Skidmore College and a researcher into terror management theory, a field that has developed out of the works of the late Ernest Becker. Becker won the Pulitzer Prize for his book The Denial of Death in 1974.

Solomon's book The Worm at the Core was published by Penguin last month and Sam Keen, the author of Faces of the Enemy, blurbed the boo:

This is a wonderfully (terrifyingly) broad and deep study of most everything we know or have thought about death. It carries Ernest Becker's work a long way further down the road.

I'm just back from the Left Forum in New York and you'll be hearing at least one panel discussion from that event in a future episode along with conversations with Matthew Collins about his book Pop Grenade, Elaine Graham-Leigh on her book “A Diet of Austerity” and hopefully Mark Fisher about “Ghosts of My Life.” In this episode you’ll hear George M Cohan sing, voices from a clickhole video, Woody Allen explaining life to Annie Hall, Rick Roderick imitating Carl Sagan, BS Johnson talking about a motorcycle accident, Morton Feldman's Clarinet and String Quartet, the theme from the 1980 television show Cosmos, and Chopin's Funeral March.

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