Zero Squared #20: Pop Dialectic

May 21st, 2015 | By | Category: Articles, Zero Squared

varnimageC Derick Varn is the guest this week and we discuss a book by Russell Jacoby entitled Dialectic of Defeat. Varn is a reader at Zero Books, he's a long time contributor to my old podcast Diet Soap, and has worked as lecturer on English Literature, Composition, and Intercultural communication as well as a high school teacher. The book by Russell Jacoby Dialectic of Defeat is described as a polemical attack on 'conformist' or orthodox Marxism.

In his review of the Jacoby Varn wrote:

"Russell Jacoby’s Dialectic of Defeat is one of those books that is excellent in what it critiques but confused in what it advocates."

It's Wednesday, May 20th 2015 and I'm Douglas Lain the publisher of Zero Books and the host of this podcast.

In this episode you’ll hear from Chad African on Hegel's idealism, Peter Millican lecturing on epistemology, clips from the 1956 film version of 1984, the Eurythimics, the music of Dan Lett, the Rach 3 as presented in the movie Shine, an excerpt from the Alpha to Omega podcast with Tom O'Brien and his guest Thom Workman, and Bill Murray's cover of Olivia Newton John's hit “Physical” as performed on the very first episode of Late Night with David Letterman, as well as the theme from Late Night with David Letterman.

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