Zero Squared #171: Pssst…Socialists Oppose Reaction

Sep 27th, 2018 | By | Category: Articles, Zero Squared

The following podcast was recorded at the request of a former Zero Books author named Nicolas Hausdorf after I mentioned on my blog that, in light of the positions he'd taken in essays written for a reactionary online journal, that we would no longer be publishing his work.

In 2015 we published Nicolas Hausdorf’s book Superstructural Berlin, a “frivolous” work that plays around with critical theory in order to provide the reader with an impressionistic picture of Berlin’s nightlife, drug culture, and tourism industry. Since the publication of his book with Zero, Nicolas has moved to the right. Given his transformation politically Zero Books won’t be publishing his work again. Because he was offended to discover our intent not to publish him and because he took to twitter to object, I invited him onto the podcast in order to explain the decision to him.

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2 Comments to “Zero Squared #171: Pssst…Socialists Oppose Reaction”

  1. Pslakso says:

    Did you actually say something approximating ‘so what about someone in the center of the conservative movement, like Sam Harris?’

    Or did I just mishear you?

    Perhaps there is some reason beyond the guests having left the crew that can explain your condescension? You kind of treat this guy like he tried to hit on your wife or something.

  2. Craig says:

    Hausdorf is clearly a reactionary, but is not able to claim the title. When he says that it’s ‘hard’ to discuss anything because of the different meanings of words he’s revealing that the foundation of his views
    are precisely these concepts being floating signifiers where he never needs to claim anything to argue from. His inability to affirm a clear and understood definition of capitalism is an example. Basically, he never has to back his theories up because there really is ‘no way to explain them’ with all the different meanings of words. It’s a slippery slope, so we really can’t work anything out. When this is our view, the status quo remains; capitalism is the natural way of things and the construction of ‘human nature’ as common sense understanding. Taken further, this is a classic reactionary stance of ‘I don’t understand these concepts therefore no one can’.

    I continue to find it surprising that when these reactionary ideas are examined with a bit more intention we see that they fall apart and the MO for these folks is essentially racism. I’d like to give them more credit but they never give me a reason to.

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