Zero Squared #154: Sam Harris, Race Science, and Nerd Logic

May 17th, 2018 | By | Category: Articles, Zero Squared

Michael Brooks is the co-host of the Majority Report and the host of The Michael Brooks Show and this week he’s returning to the Zero Books podcast to discuss a debate between Sam Harris and Ezra Klein. The debate about “racism, identity politics, intellectual honesty, and the controversy over Harris’s podcast with Charles Murray” was released as episode 123 of the Waking Up podcast. Brooks and I discuss both who won and what epistemological problem was at the center of the debate.

Angela Nagle’s Kill All Normies is absolutely still a book worth reading and that she is planning to return to the Zero Books podcast to discuss the ideas of Christopher Lasch in June. If you haven’t read Kill All Normies now is the time. Pick it up from an online store, at your a local bookstore or at your local library.

Also, the newest Zero Books youtube video is entitled The Intellectual Dark Web is Afraid of Marx. If you like this podcast you should check out the Zero Books youtube channel.

Finally, if you aren’t supporting this podcast through the Inside Zero Books Patreon page you’re missing out on a second podcast every week. I’d urge you to go ahead and take the plunge. For five dollars a month you’ll receive a second Zero Books podcast every weekend.

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6 Comments to “Zero Squared #154: Sam Harris, Race Science, and Nerd Logic”

  1. Stuart Morle says:

    “Sufi tribe” – really?? Sufism is a sect of Islam.

  2. Ledford Ledford says:

    Charles Murray has talked about a universal basic income, in light of his beliefs regarding IQ:

  3. Realist says:

    Never mind the Middle East, Harris has no clue about America. The rational, sceptic literally thought Trump was a next Hitler and America was heading for a Hitlerian take over.

    Harris is another coward who fears race, over compensates with Islam bashing. At least he apologized to Murray for criticising him without even reading his book

  4. Pedram says:

    A colleague of mine asked about my favourite podcasts last week. “The Waking Up Podcast and Zero Squared”, I responded immediately. Big fan of both Douglas’s thought-provoking topics and Sam’s brilliant insights. Even though I did not, at first, react to Sam’s interview with Charles Murray, I now believe the interview was probably not the best choice he has made. In the Ezra Klein episode, they unfruitfully talked pass each other. I think they should move on.

    That being said, unfortunately, this episode was a low for Zero Squared as far as personal bias goes. The guest clearly had accumulated hate and jealousy for Harris over the years and called him an asshole and an egomaniac which is obviously inaccurate. The Sam Harris I know has gone through numerous phases of self-doubt and regret. What made this episode difficult to endure was Douglas joining the guest in supporting Klein. Knowing Douglas, I hope he provides space for people on the Harris side of the argument.

    Zero Books has been the source for fantastic works of cultural and literal critique the likes of which are very rare. It has been home to Mark Fisher, Eugene Thacker and many other influential writers through which I have had philosophical transformations.

    I am sure if Douglas invites Sam on the show, it will not only be a marvellous discussion, but it will also do justice to an otherwise hostile verbal attack.

    I tried to clear my head and see if Brooks has a point-of-view or any intellectual anchor. But all I heard was whining and babbling with no clear stance.

    Looking forward to hearing great stuff to come.

    • Joseph says:

      All of this (Pedram’s comment), agreed. I have purchased many zero squared books in the past, but the recent attacks on people instead of ideas (by my impression) is making me wonder.

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