Zero Squared #147: Capitalism and Call Out

Mar 30th, 2018 | By | Category: Articles, Zero Squared

Shaun Scott is a Seattle-based writer, historian, and filmmaker. He is the author of the e-book Something Better: Millennials and Late Capitalism at the Movies. He’s a columnist for City Arts Magazine and, in February, he wrote a column entitled " In Defense of Call-out Culture." He is also the author of Millennials and the Moments that Made Us which is out now from Zero books.

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2 Comments to “Zero Squared #147: Capitalism and Call Out”

  1. dmf says:

    Morton wasn’t ridiculing anyone and especially not for psychiatric conditions which he and his beloved brother also suffer from, he was calling into question the dubious idea that capitalism causes clinical depression and that then the treatment is political as opposed to medical, one of the many problems with calling out (or anything other than sharing links) on platforms like twitter is the loss of context and reflection as well as the ease of simply repeating the same tired tropes ad naseum, shorthands passing as critical engagement…

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