Zero Squared #1: Seen and Not Seen

Jan 7th, 2015 | By | Category: Articles, Zero Squared

unnamedJasun Horsley is the first guest. His book Seen and Not Seen: Confessions of a Movie Autist is coming out from Zero Books at the end of this month.

Also in this episode: the voice of TJ Clark, the music of Dan Lett, the Zero Books manifesto as written by Tariq Goddard, my call for submissions of books written about Marx's peculiar materialism, and a brief recap of the event that led to my landing in the publisher's seat and a veiled call for peace.

Credit  goes to Lucinda Horan for the Zero Squared logo and to the Art of Flying's "Song for my Peeps" for providing the introductory music.

Jasun Horsley will be recurring feature of this podcast with updates from what we're tentatively calling his "Liminalist Corner."

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3 Comments to “Zero Squared #1: Seen and Not Seen”

  1. Patrick says:

    This was seriously fantastic. The last half was especially strong. I really related to the idea of post-secondary school identity being basically a negative identity – an identity that is a reaction to feeling and being ostracized. It has been a decades longs battle for me but I have finally overcome my negative, or forced identity. It wasn’t just a negative identity reacting to high school but also an identity reacting to friends and girlfriends that I had immediately graduating high school as well. I now feel like I have an organic identity; it’s constantly in flux which does sometimes feel strange and can be overwhelming with questions like “who am I?” rising up in a cloudy way. However, usually I answer that question now with “a modern Homo sapien and that comprises that. I am everything all at once.”

    Just a brief aside: I personally NEVER watch movies. I walk documentaries every now and then but even those I pass up for good books, podcasts, essays, publications, music, etc.. I wonder what that says about me? I have many friends who are obsessed with TV, and film, and they are intellectuals. It’s not that I don’t like me a good movie it’s just that I…I don’t know…I just would rather do so many other things. I probably watched 3-4 movies last year. If that. It’s not that I’m not interested in narrative because I love narrative non-fiction and as a political science major I love theories, and Big Ideas, and what have you. Well…maybe someone will read this and find comfort in my thoughts. I found comfort in the podcast; I will be a recurring listener that’s for sure.

    Thanks for this podcast.

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