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This coming summer, starting on the 20th of June, twenty or more Zero Books authors from around the world are going to give book readings in the local branches of their public libraries. The idea is to work against the notion that summer reading is always "escapist," to propose that escaping from Capitalist Realism and dusty planets is a legitimate summertime goal, to celebrate printed books, and to celebrate public libraries.

As a critical theory imprint Zero Books relies on quiet spaces and thoughtful reflection. Put more simply, we rely on libraries.

Read the comments below to find out if your public library will be featuring a Zero Books author and when.

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20 Comments to “Zero Books, Summer Reading, Libraries”

  1. Nadim says:

    I have a great local library, Emsworth Library on the south coast of England and I will be (hopefully) doing a reading there. I’ll speak to the staff and see if we can organise a few other local authors.

  2. Brian Daniel Willems says:

    Brian Willems here, author of Shooting the Moon, a book on speculative materialism and science fiction film from Zero Books. Would be happy to talk with others about possibly setting up a reading together. Possible English-speaking locations this summer: London, New York, Minneapolis/St Paul, Des Moines.

  3. Ira Livingston says:

    I’m planning to read from *Where God Comes From* at the Brooklyn Public Library the week of June 20 (2016)– will share further details when available! —Ira Livingston

  4. Gary Tedman says:

    A fine idea by Zero Books.

    I have very fond memories of the library in Shoreham-by-Sea where I grew up, I especially remember its nice smell and a giant book about outer space in the reference section. It was then a new and modern building, and a very good design. Practically every science fiction book in the building I got through. When I had exhausted them I tried out philosophy and discovered Descartes.

    Libraries are great, the sign of civilization, they educate without pressure advertisement or propaganda.

  5. An excellent initiative. When I was growing up, local libraries were so important to me – in Barrhead, Paisley and Cumbernauld – especially science fiction, science, nature and geography.

    I’ve now ended up in the south of England for my sins. I’d be happy to do a reading at my local library, Southampton Central Library, from ‘Why Are *We* The Good Guys?’

    As we all know, good libraries (and independent bookshops) are important to the vitality of communities everywhere.

    • Nadim says:

      David I am hoping to do a book launch at Chichester University (they have a writing course there). would you be interested in trekking over from Southampton? We are looking at September dates.

  6. Dan Smith says:

    Hi. Dan Smith here, author of Traces of Modernity. I’m planning on doing a reading at my local library in Church End, Finchley, in North London.

  7. I will be giving a reading from “Drone and Apocalypse: An Exhibit Catalog for the End of the World” on Tuesday, 28 June 2016, at 6:30pm at the Redondo Beach Central Library.

    Wonderful idea!

  8. Ron Roberts says:

    Hoping to do a reading of Psychology & Capitalism on June 20th here
    Bethnal Green Library
    Cambridge Heath Road
    London E2 0HL
    020 7364 3492
    020 7364 3493

  9. Iona says:

    It’s really nice to read your comments.
    I have a certain affection for Putney Library, in London and Paddington Library which is at the top of Queensway.
    I’ll contact them soon with regard to organising something but we’re coming from France so it will take some coordination. I also thought about Brighton which is near where we’ll be staying on the south coast.
    Nadim I know Emsworth, is it on the route to Portsmouth coming from Brighton?

  10. rosa says:

    Rosa Ainley here, author of 2 Ennerdale Drive: unauthorised biography. I was hoping to do a reading in my local library in Whitstable. Such a great idea from Zero. Like so many of us, my early experience of going to the library round the corner in Muswell Hill and spending ages reading there is a hugely important and fond part of my history.
    All the more disappointing then that the library here is now so underfunded and understaffed that they don’t run events like this any more as they can’t support them. sigh

    I hope all yours go well!

  11. Iona says:

    I’ve contacted the librarian at Paddington Library, Laurence Foe, and await a response.

    • Iona says:

      Gary Tedman and myself will be giving readings at
      Westminister Reference Art Library,
      35 St. Martin’s Street,
      London W1
      it’s just behind the National Gallery.
      The date is 15th September at 6.30pm.

    • Iona says:

      Gary Tedman and myself will be giving readings at
      Westminister Reference Art Library,
      35 St. Martin’s Street,
      London W1
      it’s just behind the National Gallery.
      The date is 15th September at 6.30pm.
      Unfortunately June was not possible for them.

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