Why Not Give Yourself Nightmares?

Mar 5th, 2015 | By | Category: Articles

henryPhil Jourdan, author of Praise of Motherhood, has blogged about his experimentation with vitamins. Specifically, he's written about taking large doses of vitamin B6 in an effort to enhance and remember his dreams. The results of his experiment has been a nightmare, or, more accurately, many nightmares. Jourdan writes:

Assuming there is such a thing as the unconscious in the sense that psychoanalysis (broadly speaking) conceives of it, then being able to induce nightmares seems an excellent way to explore the unresolved bullshit that lurks beneath my daily consciousness, informing it in ways I can’t understand. Or, more simply, let’s say I want to see what my fears and anxieties actually look like.

The explanation? Apparently Jourdan is going to write another book.

Read the whole blog entry here.

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