The Real Thing: Zero Books Capital Volume One Reading Group

Oct 18th, 2015 | By | Category: Articles

This week we cover chapter 14 of Capital volume 1: "Chapter 14: The Division of Labour and Manufacture." Andy, Andrew and Doug will discuss the division of labour with a possible guest appearance from Thinking Thomas. 

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  1. Katherine says:

    them, i feel no pity for the hard left or the soft left. Once the dust settles, both are after the same objective to enslave the rest of us so we have to work to pay for some useless parasite who won’t. Ultimately both want control over us and to foist their liberal fascism upon us.So as far as i’m concerned, stick it to them gibbs, why aren’t republicans piling it on too. Give them no quarter, show them no mercy, for they’ll give us none.Oh and i think labeling them &#86l2;professiona1’ is being kind, they’re more like a bunch of angry, incoherent, screaming, violent baboons.

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