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tumblr_inline_nh37raErMA1rbe7drI'm always behind the times, at least a bit, and it wasn't until yesterday as I cleaned my home office that I finally got around to watching the Seth Rogen/James Franco vehicle "The Interview." Despite my resemblance to Rogen I found myself relatively unimpressed by the movie. However, poking around on the internet today I found this blog entry from the EDA (the people behind Why Are Animals Funny and Twerking to Turking) and their commentary on the movie and the Sony Hack scandal that nearly shut it down is both amusing and distressing. Could it be that Seth Rogen is a harbinger of the apocalypse after all?

They wrote:

The hacking of Sony Entertainment might not seem like a doomsday scenario, but with the apparent backing of an armed and dangerous regime orchestrating, the situation suddenly becomes a very serious and deadly concern. This whole scenario could be a swaying domino that will either steady itself or possibly be the start of a dramatic collapse. Either way we will look back on this with the knowledge that one silly comedy film did or nearly did bring about Armageddon.

read more at the EDA blog

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