The EDA asks “Why do we like Children’s Jokes?”

Feb 6th, 2015 | By | Category: Articles

family-circus-2Always relevant and up on the latest memes, the EDA turns it's attention to the clickable fun that is the horrible kid's joke. Here's an example of such a joke from The Mirror:

Q: How come the chicken didn't eat his sandwich?
A: Because a monkey ate his sandwich!

The EDA analyzes this nonsense for us:

In ‘laughter theory’ there are two broad camps of people ‘explaining’ how laughter works. There are those who claim, following Thomas Hobbes’ famous argument in Leviathan, that laughter arises from a perception of our own superiority over others. Opposed to these, there are those who argue (in some ways following Freud) that laughter involves a feeling of ‘liberation’, freeing us from constraints we are usually held by.
It seems that these kids’ jokes might involve a bit of each.

Read more about what is funny and why over at the EDA blog.

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