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Zero Squared #205: Soviet State Capitalism?

Jul 8th, 2019 | By

Derick Varn returns this week in order to debate the question of whether the Soviet Union was or was not State Capitalism. Varn is, of course, the voice behind Symptomatic Redness, the poet behind the collection Apocalyptics, and my frequent interlocutor and critic. This week’s podcast is available in full for Patreon supporters. Our Patreon

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Zero Squared #196: More On Exchange Value with Ben [teaser]

Apr 18th, 2019 | By

Benjamin Lain is a math and computer science student at the University of Oregon, a member of the YDS, and my son. In this episode of the Zero Books podcast we continue our conversation about Karl Marx, Capital, and an essay by professor Mark Worrell entitled “A Faint Rattling: A Research Note on Marx’s Theory

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Zero Squared Special: Henryk Grossman, Crisis, and Rick Kuhn

Feb 27th, 2019 | By

Welcome to a special edition of the Zero Books podcast. Ashley Frawley is a member of the Zero Books team and this week she is the host of the Zero Books podcast. Frawley, being interested in Marxist crisis theory, interviewed professor Rick Kuhn who has spent over twenty years studying the Marxist economist Henryk Grossman

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Zero Squared #187: Critical Humanism [teaser]

Feb 7th, 2019 | By

Ashley Frawley is a frequent guest on Sky News and the BBC, she is the author of the Semiotics of Happiness, and she’s on the editorial team at Zero Books. This week she also the guest on the podcast as we discuss the need for a recommitment to a critical humanism, the question of human

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Alternatives: Conspiracy Theories Left and Right [teaser]

Feb 2nd, 2019 | By

C Derick Varn and JG Michaels investigate the difference between left and right-wing conspiracy theories. Covering everything from anti-vaccination conspiracies, communist fluoride, 9/11 Truth, Peak Oil, and the social sorting that occurred in the aughts. This episode is available in full on our Patreon feed.

Zero Squared #186: Made in Brooklyn

Jan 31st, 2019 | By

Amanda Wasielewski is an artist and Lecturer in Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She is also the author of Made In Brooklyn, a book that was published by Zero Books in June of last year, and she’s the guest on this week’s podcast This week’s podcast is free to everyone and this weekend’s

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Zero Squared #182: Holding Onto Enlightenment Values?

Jan 3rd, 2019 | By

C Derick Varn is the guest this week as we finally got around to discussing our differences on the topic of liberal values and the future of the enlightenment project. Specifically, we discussed Immanuel Kant’s essay “What is Enlightenment?” along with Theodor Adorno’s Negative Dialectics. It’s an interesting time. Some of you may know that

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Zero Squared #181: Yellow Vests and the Left

Dec 20th, 2018 | By

Margaret Kimberley is a columnist and editor for the Black Agenda report and a longtime friend of the podcast. This week she returns to discuss Yellow Vests, open borders, inequality and the need to develop an alternative to capitalism. The second half of this conversation will be available to our Patreon supporters. Starting in the

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Zero Squared #179: Fully Automated Revolution?

Nov 29th, 2018 | By

This week’s podcasts features a conversation with Benjamin Reynolds, whose book The Coming Revolution was published last June by Zero Books. We discuss Fully Automated Luxury Gay Communism, value theory, labor vouchers, and socialism as a political project. If you’re a fan of this podcast you should consider becoming a patron of the cast through

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Review of Lenin Lives!

Sep 28th, 2017 | By

Review of Lenin Lives -by Reid Kane Kotlas (originally published on Amazon) I can think of no other way to describe Cunliffe’s remarkable book than as a work of historical significance. That may seem to be a premature assessment, but the force of its argument is that profound, and matched only by the accessible and

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