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Zero Squared #91: Trump, an Insider’s View

Dec 1st, 2016 | By

Former NEA Chairman Bill Ivey returns this week and we discuss the unexpected election of Trump. Ivey made the news recently when his March 13th, 2016 email to Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta was published by Wikileaks and he’s returning to in order to give us an insider’s perspective on the election. Here’s a short

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Inside Zero Books Podcast #9: Ivey Debrief

Oct 29th, 2016 | By

What is Marxism without workers, the labor theory of value, modes of production, or any coherent understanding of Marx’s critique of political economy? The alt-right and their ancestors from the groups like the American Renaissance and the John Birch Society would say that Marxism without Marx’s categories is what the communist globalists turned to after

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