Symptomatic Redness: JM Colon on the DSA

Jul 26th, 2018 | By | Category: Articles, Symptomatic Redness

In part one of a two part conservation, J. M. Colon returns to discuss civility norms in the DSA. In this discussion, the history of the NSDS and “calling in” are discussed as well as problems and possibilities around the use and abuse of such norms. We also discuss the history of DSA expansion, the structure of local bodies, the use of civility norms and the implications for the broader left. Tangential topics that emerge include “victimization as a means of empowerment," the baggage that each person brings to a socialist group and the dangers of therapy and therapeutic conceptions in a political context. We also touch on the history of the SDS and First International as historical models are problematized by their dissolution.

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