Remembering Bowie

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bowieChris O'Leary was the guest on the Zero Books podcast back in March of 2015. He discussed his book Rebel Rebel which is a critical analysis of Bowie's songs from 1964-1976.

The Cultural Critic Mark Dery (author of All the Young Dudes:Why Glam Rock Matters) describes O'Leary's book this way:

Marooned in '70s suburbia, I and countless weirdos like me awaited every new Bowie record as a deep-space ping from a world where weird ruled—proof that there really was life on Mars, if not in tract-home sprawl. To date, what passes for thoughtful inquiry into the polymorphous, polyvalent phenomenon that is David Bowie has consisted almost entirely of potted biographies and coffee-table photo albums. At last, the Homo Superior gets the exegesis he deserves: Rebel Rebel is the Lipstick Traces of Bowie studies, and Chris O'Leary its unchallenged dean.

We are reposting this interview in tribute to Bowie. Chris O'Leary is also hosting a conversation in remembrance of Bowie at his blog Pushing Ahead of the Dame.

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