Memory Moth by Linda Coggin

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Taken from the book Dog Days, published by Zero Books - Peculiar, unique, unusual, elements of Cummings, Stevie Smith and Larkin cohere then fall away, in a collection of darkly clear, or clearly dark poems.

Memory Moth

As a moth I have become your mind

making small holes in your memory

that you cannot darn, so that when

you are remembering, you fall into them

and confused, clutch at the sides

hoping to pull yourself clear.


I am your memory moth

fluttering down the years

flying from memories before you

can form the words to describe them.


Whilst the light is still turned on

I can agitate you, confuse you by

changing direction when I fly.


If you were to turn off the light

I would be still.


One day soon, you and I will

Have our wings burnt

And dissolve into a cloud of dust.


These poems act like short, sharp surprises. They can be oblique, and then unravel with raw clarity, a strong and emotional openness pervading their deceptively simple structures. Coggin's strange and singular voice is recognisably English and colloquial, but with a sophistication and love of imagery and mystery.

ISBN: 978-1-84694-547-2, $12.95 / £6.99, paperback, 49pp

EISBN: 978-1-84694-775-9, ebook

Linda Coggin’s poems are liminal, crossing and recrossing thresholds between real, surreal, and mythic, life and death, the transgressive and the responsible. There is deep humanity in these poems, often allied to the acceptance of sadness and of imperfections – domestic chaos, the facts of dying and ageing. This collection surprises at every turn, catching the reader rewardingly off guard. Dr John Freeman, Cardiff University

Coggin’s poetry is both incisive and quirkily humourous. Well worth investigating.  Emmet O'Cuana -

Linda Coggin studied mime in Paris and Czechoslovakia, worked in theatre and was a presenter for Thames television. She writes and performs her poetry. She has been the winner of the Ottakers Poetry Prize.

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