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  • Access to our new Inside Zero Books Podcast - a second hour of the Zero Books podcast every week. The new Inside Zero Books Podcast will feature conversations about the left and left publishing with members of the Zero Books editorial team: Ashley Frawley, Douglas Lain, C Derick Varn, and Alfie Bown as well as interviews with radical thinkers and authors from around the world. While the free weekly Zero Books podcast highlights Zero Books titles, the Inside Zero Books Podcast will focus on topical politics, developing political theory from multiple perspective, and the ups and downs of radical publishing within a clickbait culture.
  • Access to the Zero Books Critical Theory bimonthly Workshops - you'll receive invitations to bi-monthly online workshops on select Zero Books titles run by our authors. Upcoming workshops will feature courses with Daniel Coffeen and Mike Watson.
  • Access to audio books from our Advancing Conversations book series on a quarterly basis. Upcoming titles include conversations with longevity researcher Aubrey de Grey, satirical novelist Geoff Nicholson,  and Zippy the Pinhead cartoonist Bill Griffith.
  • Promotional discounts on selected Zero Books titles.
  • The knowledge that you're supporting the international Critical Theory and Left Politics publisher the Guardian described as "One of the most exciting radical presses of the moment."


A $20 a month Membership to the Zero Books Club includes

  • Everything included in a $10 a month membership.
  • Access to the quarterly Zero Books Writing Workshop
    The $20 a month membership is an invite only membership. To start the process of admission in the Zero Books writing workshop or to get more information about the workshop contact Douglas Lain through his website:

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