Behind the Scenes at Zero Books: Meet the New Boss

Jan 22nd, 2015 | By | Category: Articles, Events & Announcements

b70-7188Over the last few months there have been a lot of changes behind the scenes at Zero Books even as the intellectually challenging titles have continued to roll out.  Just to emphasize that second bit, we have three new books set for release on January 30th (Seen and Not Seen by Jasun Horsley, Strangled by Phil Knight, and Infinite Fictions by David Winters) and nine new titles (Cartographies of the Absolute, Is the East Still Red, We Have Never Been Neoliberal, Heavy Radicals, Resilience and Melancholy, Psychology and Capitalism, Bio-Politicizing Cary Grant, Creepiness, and Pornography Feminism) coming in February. Still, even as Zero Books keeps coming you may have noticed something's a bit different. One example would be how I wrote the dates of release for the lists of books above.

What's this? "January, 30th?" Shouldn't that be 30th January?

That's right, Zero Books has been partially taken over by a dirty American. I started working here on 2nd January, 2015 (see, I can be reasonable), my name is Douglas Lain, and I have never been anywhere near King's College London. Sorry about that.

I have, however been interviewing philosophy types for the last five years on a podcast called Diet Soap, writing fiction professionally for the last sixteen years, and preparing myself for the global uprising of the proletariat for nearly a quarter of a century. I firmly believe that the working classes have nothing to lose but their chains and their iPhones.

You may be asking yourself, just what is this yank's aim? What's his game here exactly? Will it interfere with tea time?

Rest assured that what I most want to do is hold onto the relationships Tariq and his crew already established with authors like Phil Knight, David Winters, Jasun Horsley, Holly Grigg-Spall, Nina Powers, Eugene Thacker (especially Eugene Thacker) and many, many, many others. However I am also hoping to bring new authors into the fold and look forward to announcing many exciting new book projects in the weeks and months to come. Without letting too much out of the bag I'll tell you that I've been working to obtain a book about and partially written by a famous youtuber/philosopher, I've been meeting in darkened cafes and IRCs to discuss Marxism and books about Marxism with various nefarious types, and I've even been thinking about just what it means to be happy and what happiness means if considered as a political category.

One of my other goals involves this blog. In the future you'll find posts like this one (and others that are much, much better) posted weekly. I hope to use this space as something much more than a repository for the new Zero Squared podcast and, along with writing blog posts myself, I'll be sharing links to Zero Books authors from all around the blogosphere, inviting guest bloggers to share, and occasionally sharing information and ideas from far afield.

For now I'll end this first missive where I might have started.

My name is Douglas Lain. I am not now nor have I ever been.

Thank you.

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  1. A good start! You are older than you look, and more ambitious too. We need people like you! Come live in Europe with the rest of us!

  2. Robert Appelbaum,

    Sorry this comment took so long to screen. I didn’t realize until tonight that the comments were moderated. I’m maybe older than I look, and maybe the pictures you see are a bit older than they ought to be (the one on this site is about five years old now).

    Anyhow, thanks for the comment.

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