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I gave a reading at the local independent bookstore in town last week and it went really well. The place was packed so that was fun, and the audience mixed: college students, parents, younger and older women and men, and of course some friends and even family visiting from out-of-state.

This Friday I'm off for my Europe tour with stops in the Netherlands, England, and Germany. I arrive Amsterdam Saturday morning on the 20th and will get only a few hours to rest before my first event that afternoon (here's hoping I'll be somewhat intellectually coherent). This will be a panel disccussion with me on the role of positive porn and my After Pornified book at Mail & Female, a woman-owned and inclusive women-friendly sex shop that has a solid tradition in hosting and fostering discussion on what the role of positive porn by women is. They have worked with numerous celebrity names in the field in the past and I'm happy to contribute to their awareness-building efforts.

This event/panel discussion will be recorded and uploaded to Mail & Female's so you'll be able to watch it there once it's up. is a VOD and porn information site where people can both watch film but also get informed about film.

I head to England after that for a a reading at She Said erotic boutique in Brighton on Monday October 22nd.  She Said is a woman-owned, woman-oriented shop.

Then I'm off the following day for Berlin Porn Film Festival (October 24 - 28), the leading festival for progressive sex films (read about the festival here). The official launch party for my book will take place here at Cinema Moviemento on Friday October 26th at 8 P.M., my book's official publication date. Their program information for the event is here.

I return to Amsterdam after the festival for a press meeting there on Tuesday October 30th at 4 P.M. This event is organized by Dusk, a TV channel solely devoted to providing erotic material to straight women, and in fact the only channel of its kind in the world. Dusk does its own comprehensive research on what sort of porn they should be showing via a panel made up of over 1500 women. This event will be held at Boulevard Café and it sounds like it will be spectacular with more speeches by well-known people and scientist and live entertainment. I don't have all the details yet but will be sure to post about it when I do.

Author Info: Anne G. Sabo is a former academic turned public educator, author, speaker, freelance writer, and mama- and sex blogger. As a college professor, she taught courses in literature, film and women’s studies. She has researched feminist pornography for more than a decade and has become an acknowledged expert in the field. She has written numerous articles and essays on the subject, and is a frequently consulted speaker on the topic. She grew up in Norway, earned her Ph.D. from University of Washington, and lives in Northfield, Minnesota with her husband and their preschooler daughter. You can visit her at

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