Zero Squared #82: Reading the Way of Things

Sep 1st, 2016 | By | Category: Articles, Zero Squared

zeropod70Daniel Coffeen is a rhetor and a philosopher — if by philosopher you mean somebody who plays with concepts and ideas. He formally taught at UC Berkeley and the SF Art Institute but now spends his time writing and consulting. Coffeen is a frequent guest to the Zero Squared podcast and his book Reading the Way of Things is out now from Zero Books.

A review of his book on Amazon sums his book up nicely:

Coffeen throws the act of reading into such a dizzying light that I can't rightly say when I even began reading the book. Was it when it slid from the envelope, announcing itself in its bold, lime-green cover? In once sense yes, as that marked the beginning of the physical reading-event. But in another sense, a different reading started when I first heard Coffeen on the Partially Examined Life podcast, six months prior. And a different sense of reading began when I picked up Anti-Oedipus on a lark in Morningside Heights, New York, 17 months ago. Reading is an event, an interplay between text and reader, where both are always already in motion, hooking up to one another and creating new relations.

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In this episode you'll hear the voice of Rick Roderick, the theme from the 70s television show Taxi, a clip from John Berger’s Ways of Seeing, and an excerpt from a speech from Maneul DeLanda.

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