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Zero Squared #193: Social Democracy and Dead Pundits

Mar 28th, 2019 | By

Adam Proctor is the host of the Dead Pundits society and the guest on this week’s episode of the Zero Squared podcast. Adam and I discuss just what a social democrat looks like, the base vs. superstructure split, crass economism, and today’s socialism. This week’s podcast is available in full. Our Patreon supporters get access

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Symptomatic Redness: Tad Tietze on Anti-Politics

Mar 25th, 2019 | By

Derick Varn talks to Tad Tietze about anti-politics. Tietze blogs at Left Flank, tweets as @Dr_Tad, and has a book coming out from Verso books. From an essay by Tietze and Elizabeth Humphrys: Anti-politics and the Illusions of Neoliberalism We live in anti-political times. After a twentieth century in which Western societies experienced the rise and

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Zero Squared #192: Stepp’d n Blood [teaser]

Mar 21st, 2019 | By

Andrew Wallis is a freelance journalist, academic, and author, and a leading expert in the African Great Lakes Region, especially Rwanda. His previous book, “Silent Accomplice: The role of France in the Rwandan genocide’ was praised as a ‘damning new book’ by the New York Review of Books, and his new book Stepp’d in Blood

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Symptomatic Redness: Jamie Curcio on Philosophy and Fiction [teaser]

Mar 17th, 2019 | By

This week’s Symptomatic Redness is available in full for our Patreon supporters. The co-founder of the “Evolving Media Network” media collective, author of the novel Join My Cult! (published by New Falcon Press) and the founder of the band Babalon. His nonfiction work includes works of philosophy, mysticism, myth, and psychology and his first full

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Zero Squared #191: Brooks on 2020

Mar 13th, 2019 | By

Michael Brooks is the host of the Michael Brooks Show, the co-host of the Majority Report with Sam Seder, and a soon to be author here at Zero Books. In this episode Michael Brooks discusses Bolsonaro’s Brazil and what promises to be a torturous 2020 US presidential campaign. This week’s podcast is available in full.

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Symptomatic Redness: Conversation with Ed Simon (pt. 2)

Mar 10th, 2019 | By

C Derick Varn continues his conversation with Ed Simon. Ed Simon is an editor at Berfrois, a British magazine of “Literature, Ideas, Tea,” and a staff writer at The Millions, which the New York Times has called the “indispensable literary site.” Simon is also the author of “America and Other Fictions” from Zero Books. The conversation begins with Derick explaining the

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Zero Squared #190: Race and Capitalism [teaser]

Mar 6th, 2019 | By

Peter Hudis is a professor of the humanities and philosophy at Oakton Community College and a member of the IMHO or International Marxist Humanist Organization and in this episode of the Zero Books podcast we attempt to discuss the idea that African Americans are the vanguard of revolutionary socialism but pretty quickly get stuck discussing

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Symptomatic Redness: Ed Simon on America and Other Fictions [teaser]

Mar 3rd, 2019 | By

Derick Varn interviews Zero Books author Ed Simon about his book America and Other Fictions, secularization theory, and religious life in a modern world. Here’s the back of the Jacket copy for Ed Simon’s book: At a moment of cultural and political crisis, with forces of reaction seemingly ascendant throughout the West, it’s fair to

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