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Zero Squared #42: The Truth About Art

Oct 29th, 2015 | By

Patrick Doorly is an art historian specializing in Renaissance Italy. He divides his time between writing and teaching art history in the Department for Continuing Education, Oxford University, where he was acting director of studies for art history in 2001–02. Previously he was Head of Critical and Theoretical Studies at the School of Art &

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Questions for Zero Books

Oct 25th, 2015 | By

We recently put together a survey asking Zero Books readers and Zero Squared listeners what they thought about the possibility of introducing a Zero Books book club. We asked a variety of questions about reading habits and technology preferences, but we also left a space at the end where people could ask questions back. Here

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Zero Squared #41: Echo

Oct 21st, 2015 | By

Fiamma Montezemolo is both a Cultural Anthropologist (PhD University Orientale of Naples) and an artist (MFA San Francisco Art Institute). She has taught for many years in Mexico, Italy and USA and she is currently teaching in the Cinema&Digital Media department in UC Davis. Her film Echo will be exhibited at an event organized by

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The Real Thing: Zero Books Capital Volume One Reading Group

Oct 18th, 2015 | By

This week we cover chapter 14 of Capital volume 1: “Chapter 14: The Division of Labour and Manufacture.” Andy, Andrew and Doug will discuss the division of labour with a possible guest appearance from Thinking Thomas. 

Zero Squared #40: Poor But Sexy

Oct 15th, 2015 | By

Agata Pyzik is a Polish journalist who divides her time between Warsaw and London, where she has already established herself as a writer on art, politics, music and culture for various magazines, including The Wire, Guardian, New Statesman, New Humanist, Afterall and Frieze. Her book, Poor but Sexy, was published last year by Zero Books.

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Zero Squared #39: Land of Hunger

Oct 7th, 2015 | By

Please take a moment this week to fill out a very short survey. Zero Books is working on offering a book club and we’d like to get your input. Wayne Holloway is a writer director, working in commercials and movies in London and in LA. His first book, Land of Hunger, is out from Zero

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