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The Hipster: Dead or Alive?

Dec 6th, 2012 | By

Extract from The Sacred and the Profane- An Investigation Of Hipsters,Jake Kinzey published by Zero Books The hipster has been understood in many ways, but most popular explanations are false, misleading, or at best a small piece of a larger picture. An example is N+1 Magazine’s recently published What Was The Hipster? The title suggests that

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My kid has more chromosomes than your kid!

Dec 5th, 2012 | By

Extract taken from The Politics of Down Syndrome by Kieron Smith, published by Zero Books There is very little written about the political role of Down syndrome (DS), and how it fits with the lives we live and the decisions we make about the way society is run. There are numerous medical and self-help titles,

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Cold World

Dec 3rd, 2012 | By

Extract from Cold World – The aesthetics of dejection and the politics of militant dysphoria, Dominic Fox, published by Zero Books Sadness does something to the way we see the world. In the experience of deep sadness, the world itself seems altered in some way: coloured by sadness, or disfigured by it. Rather than living inside us, as

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