Inside Zero Books #32: Varn and the Kitchen Sink

This week’s Inside Zero Books podcast features a preamble conversation that starts with Zizek and ends with Santa Claus. The idea in this episode is to understand the difference between an idea and a material condition, but along the way Varn discusses Jordan Peterson, identity politics, the Labor Theory of Value and bourgeois family values.

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Zero Squared #107: Deconstructing Dirty Dancing

Stephen Lee Naish’s writing explores film, politics, and popular culture and the places where they converge. His essays have appeared in numerous journals and periodicals, including The Quietus, Empty Mirror, and 3:AM and his book Deconstructing Dirty Dancing is out now from Zero Books. Liza Palmer, Managing Editor of The Moving Image, reviewed the book

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For the Lack of an Incendiary Subculture: Millennials and Arts Education

  The Wheel of Disappointment (On Arts Education) Most people start out studying an art degree with some idea of why they are doing it, or at the least, of what art is. This idea may be hard to articulate, not least due to the low self esteem of the average late teen. It may

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Inside Zero Books #31: More Contrary Points

This week’s Inside Zero Books podcast features the second half of a conversation with Nick from the youtube channel Contrapoints. Nick and I discuss the Amazing Atheist, Black Lives Matter, a genderqueer youtuber named Milo, and the Youtubepocalypse. In the weeks to come podcast guests will include Nick Dunn whose book Dark Matters explores the

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Zero Squared #106: Contrary Points on Identity

Nick is the genderqueer self-described mangirl/degenerate PhD dropout behind the smart and funny Youtube channel Contrapoints. Nick is also the guest on this week’s podcast. This is part one of a two part conversation. If you’d like to hear the second half think about joining the Zero Books Club. Zero Books Club members receive access

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Zero Squared #95: Žižek and the Double Blackmail

Slavoj Žižek is the guest this week as we discuss the flak he’s received for a few of his Lacanian interventions into politics recently, Marx’s Labor Theory of Value, and his most current book Against the Double Blackmail. “[A]n urgent and entertaining diagnosis of the ongoing refugee crisis and global terror threat, highlighting the glaring

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Zero Squared #83: Taste the Vapor

Grafton Tanner is a writer and musician from Georgia. His writing has appeared in Paste magazine, Film Matters, and The Blue Indian, and his debut book, Babbling Corpse: Vaporwave and the Commodification of Ghosts, was published by Zero Books on June 24, 2016 Thanks go out to Mir B, Seamus M, Paul H, Mathieu D,

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Events & Announcements

Overcoming Capitalism at Left Forum

  Overcoming Capitalism 22 May, 2016 Sun 12:00pm – 01:50pm Room 1.109 Participants: Douglas Lain — Publisher, Zero Books Pete Dolack — Zero Books, author of It’s Not Over Terry Tapp — Zero Books, author of A Serf’s Journal Anne Jaclard — Marxist Humanist Initiative Andrew Kliman — Pace University Introduction: To take up the

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Zero Books, Summer Reading, Libraries

This coming summer, starting on the 20th of June, twenty or more Zero Books authors from around the world are going to give book readings in the local branches of their public libraries. The idea is to work against the notion that summer reading is always “escapist,” to propose that escaping from Capitalist Realism and

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Book News

A Call For Introductory Theory and Philosophical Novellas

In the last few weeks the Zero Squared podcast has featured unusual guests, guests who were not always strictly of or from the left/Marxist tradition that Zero Books embraces. This was undertaken in an effort to discover what ideas current left intellectuals (we writers and thinkers of the left who so easily embraced Alexis Tsipras,

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Radical Publishing and Contradictions in Clickbait

This is a rough draft for a presentation to be given at the start of a Panel Discussion at the Left Forum at the end of May. The panel is entitled Radical Publishing: Contradictions in Clickbait and will feature Aaron Leonard, Michael Thomsen, and Johan Kugelberg as participants. I (Douglas Lain) will be the moderator

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